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Nyköping, Sweden


Building a house for a family.
This project includes everything from scratch. Idea, plans, 2D drawings for permit, renderings and lots of constructional drawings (K-r) The place is located 20 mins out of Stockholm and it's planned to be finnished in 2022.

Sigtuna, Sweden


A glass and windows company's owner wanted to make a whole glassed front of the house and some architectural changes. Like height of the roof, adding a small floor up and one under the curent and one and only floor that exists right now. Garden design was a suggestion that customer really liked. After the successful renders, the project is completed with scaled 2D classic construction drawings for permit application.

 Project by Djordje

Rönninge, Sweden


Customer's Ideas was already there. Some of the previus architects ideas were also there. But we made a lots of changes after my first renders until the customer was completely satisfied. This is a family home in nice location looking down on the lake.

The construction will start in summer 2019.

 Project by Djordje

Volvo Trucks, Sweden


Etching bench for the Volvo trucks industry located in Eskilstuna. The bench is used for quality tests of 3 specific parts od the trucks gear transmission.

 Project by Fredric and Djordje

Stockholm, Sweden


Hard to access in icy winter months from the road to the house's parking. We tried to find the best solution reducing the slope, have the more space possible in the yard, keep the garden clean and have an extra guest parking place for at least 2 more vehicles.

Project by Djordje

Stockholm, Sweden


Practical way of extending a bit of the owners yard. A double thick and strog wall of natural stone with iron reinforcement guarantees that this will last for ages and keep all the mass in place. Plus it's a classic and beautiful.

 Project by Ivana and Djordje

Render 1
Before drone shot